Gerhard Mann

Webdevelopment & Webdesign


My name is Gerhard, I'm a webdeveloper and I create beautiful websites.

Born 1984 in a small town in Germany, started to explore the field of com­puting at the age of 6 and made the first webpage in 1998. Ever since, dealing with new technologies is an important part when creating a new website.

Now mastering frontend-web­technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript or jQuery, but also programming in PHP and using databases such as MySQL. Besides this, I develop websites using CMS, such as Wordpress or Typo3.

My webpages are built individually for every customer, depending on the needs of the customer. I've worked on websites for large, international companies, but also for small businesses. Depending on what is needed, I've used Content-Manangement-Systems like Wordpress or Typo3, but I've also developed websites with a custom made backend.


Some examples of my previous works

Here are some of the websites I've worked on over the past few years. You'll find more information on their details-page.


Drop me a line, I'll be happy to hear from you!